Sod Installation

Sod Installation in Savannah, GA

Step 1: Sunlight & Soil Sample

The first steps necessary for any successful and long-lasting sod installation are determining the amount of sunlight available, soil conditions and pH.

Step 2: pH balance & Soil Amendment

The pH will need to be brought within the optimal range and the sod matched to the level of sunlight its exposed to. Different turfs thrive in differing amounts of sunlight.

Step 3: Sod Preparation & Installation

The next step in preparing for sod installations is treating the area with an herbicide. This preventative measure ensures fewer weeds in the future. Next, we will remove the existing lawn and till the soil. Tilling the soil promotes quicker root development. The area will then be leveled and graded for proper drainage. Finally, the new turf will be installed and cut into place creating an instantly attractive lawn!

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Love Davis Landscaping Savannah, GA

Love Davis Landscaping! Very reliable and responsive. Called about hedge row on property line (over 500ft). Provided fair quote and good recommendations.

Outstanding Experience Savannah, GA

Michael and his team worked together to provide an outstanding experience. They show up when they say they will, work quickly and efficiently (they actually make it look easy, even in the August heat)

No One Better Savannah, GA

I had tried a couple of landscaping companies but none were as good or dependable as the crew of Davis Landscaping.

Excellent Job Savannah, GA

These guys do an excellent job at all of the above. They are honest, dependable, and responsive. I love knowing that Davis Landscaping will show up in my yard every two weeks, leaving it in immaculate shape.

We Keep Your Pets Safe Savannah, GA

Mike and his crew do a great job on our yard. Mowing, edging, blowing is done when scheduled, done quickly and well. As a pet owner, I really appreciate how they always make sure the gates are secure!

Hands Down The Best Savannah, GA

This is hands down the best landscaping company I have ever used. Michael and his team do a great job in a timely manner. These guys really know what they're doing!

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