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Providing Professional Landscaping in Savannah, GA

Meet The Owner

Originally from Cypress, California. Michael has lived in Savannah since 1998 and enjoys everything about his home. He attended Georgia Southern University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. While he loves chemistry, he loves working with his hands and being outdoors even more. He began Landscaping in College to pay his way and found his passion while in school. Upon graduating he opened his business and transitioned into what we know now as Davis Landscaping. He grew up on Whitemarsh island but now owns a home on Wilmington.


Michael enjoys boating, spending time with friends, and roller hockey. He is a member of the SRHL “Savannah Roller Hockey League” where he gets his exercise when he’s not out perfecting our landscapes. He has an intimately close relationship with his entire family and especially enjoys spending time with his Mother and Father. He says “no matter where you are you will be getting a call to get yourself over at 6:00 p.m. for burgers on the grill or something equally delicious”.


Michael has found his home in Savannah and has brought his business to better it. It is clear he enjoys his time in the landscapes and is waiting to help you with your own. He wishes you well!

Our Mission

Davis Landscape was created with one goal in mind: to exceed any expectations you came with. Whether that was through providing extraordinary results or being incredibly friendly to work with, we are determined to surpass those expectations. Whenever you need something, you can count on Michael or his team to be there!

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